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Wondermind is a suite of games and interactive films for children aged 8-12, designed to illustrate the neuroscience of the growing brain in child development. The games encourage an understanding of the core aspects of neuroscience, including neural plasticity, spatial cognition, memory and language.

The site was developed in AS3 using the Pure MVC framework and included integration with Google analytics. Dan was responsible for the app framework, game integration, video engine integration and profiling and bug fixing the gallery and Kongregate installations.

Site now offline get in touch to view an archived version.


FWA Site of the day (2012)
Lovies, Best Game - Gold (2012)
Lovies, Best Use Of Interactive Video - Silver (2012)
IMA, Kids - Best In Class (2012)


SXSW Educational Resource (2012)
Webby, Youth (2012)
Webby, Interactive Video (2012)
Webby, Games (2012)
BIMA, Leisure & Culture (2012)
BIMA, Education & Outreach (2012)