Goo Games




Freelance Flash Developer

Goo Games is an above the line campaign that features a range of activity focused around a suite of Facebook games.

Designed and developed by Preloaded for Cadburys, the games feature six Creme Egg events inspired by real Olympic disciplines. These include 'High Splat', 'Pole Yolk' and 'Triple Bump'. The aim in each event being to explode your egg in the largest, messiest way you can.

The games were designed to encourage social competition between friends with a scoring layer that feeds the live game data of a player's friends into their own game. The games integrate Facebook's new scoring API, linking them into the Facebook community directly.

The site was developed in AS3 using the Pure MVC framework and included integration with Facebook, Facebook Scoring API, Google Analytics and Omniture. Dan was responsible for the app framework and external integration.

You can learn more about the project at Preloaded’s site.